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Companies, Industries & Products: Products


Brands and trademarks

Searching for product information

Add to a search

  • brand name, e.g. Weetbix
  • product type, e.g. toothpaste
  • company name, e.g. Billabong
  • SIC (Standard Industry Classifications) codes (see Industry information for codes)

Use a company and industry database.

Which Library databases have product information? Where do I start? [pdf, 48 KB]

Look for the following columns: Product information, Brands/trade names, Market segments - by product

Use limits of databases

  • Business Source Complete: limit to Product Review
  • Proquest Central: limit to Product
  • Computers & Applied Sciences Complete: limit to Reviews & Products (e.g. search Yosemite, & limit to MAC in Reviews & Products)
  • Business databases: limit results to Magazines or Trade publications
  • Non-business databases: enter the product type, then limit results by business subjects e.g. "Business & Economics"

Choice of database


Depending on the product, search in a non-business database.

For example:

  • Engineering/materials products try: Materials Research Database (or individual databases: Ceramic Abstracts, Aluminium Industry Abstracts, Copper Technical Reference Library, Materials Business File, Metadex)
  • Health/Pharmacy products try: Access Medicine, Nursing Consult
  • Informatics products try: Computer & Applied Sciences Complete
  • Sports products try: SportDiscus

Think broader!

  • Find Industry information. You may need to apply industry information to your product. Example: find information about toothpaste in Personal Care or Personal and Household Products. Some industry data includes named products or product types (e.g. cheddar, hard, mould, fresh cheeses, etc)
  • Use primary sources. Interviews, surveys, product assessment. Example: contact wholesalers for cost per metre

Product Safety & Pricing

Product Databases

Product Segmentation

Some databases for market segments by product are listed below. For more see: Databases: Where do I start? (PDF)


The Patents webpage details what a patent is and how to search for patents.


Within a database, search for words such as limits or publication type to see if your search may be restricted to patent literature.

Databases with search limits for patents:

Database with a patent limit from the results:

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