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Digital Storytelling: How to create ....

UoW Digital Storytelling Guide


Tools for creating Digital Stories

Hint: Check submission details before selecting a tool.

Other digital storytelling guides


Organise yourself!

A suggested way to organise your files might be to create the following folders on your USB/computer:

  • Audio
    • unedited audio
    • final audio
  • Credits
  • Images
  • Project DST
    • title
    • video exports
  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Video


For each image/multimedia item you use in your digital story you need to credit its use at the end of your digital story. The links below give more information and include a sample template of a credits page. In the template you will need to replace the images and references to suit your own Digital Story.


You may need to present your Digital story in a particular file type or media format (e.g. on a CD, memory stick, uploadable).  Check your Subject Outline or e-Learning site for submission requirements.