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History of Australian Education, Health & Welfare: Books

4. Books from other Countries

Use Open Library - Search details of published books worldwide. Look for the Read icon (open book) to view those that are free fulltext online

Important Search Tips for Trove

Use Trove Advanced Search to combine more than one keyword or phrase or limit to specific year range. When viewing results use the Decade facet to further narrow by publication date/year (eg. 1950-1959)

1. Books (including ones that contain published primary sources)

Here are some examples of useful starting books available online or held in hardcopy in the Library. These books mention lots of further sources - these leads can save you time finding other related books and journal articles:

2. Looking for other Books?

View other useful ebooks which discuss historical aspects of early childhood or child care.


Try a Keyword search in the Classic Catalogue.

Use broad keywords, and truncate your terms with the * symbol to broaden your search to find all the variations of a particular word. Browse these example searches below:

Search tips:

  • Try broader keywords. Many older books are only listed under very broad subject headings (eg. education australia). Look for references to your topic in the tables of contents and indexes
  • Try searching on the names of individual states (eg. australia OR "new south wales")
  • Looking at specific time periods or decades? Instead of just histor* try narrower searches on twentieth century OR 20th century OR 1900s OR 1940s etc. or sort your results by Publication Date Range
  • Looking for books published at the time? Leave out the word history and just limit your search by publication date range (eg. schools AND limit to Publication Year before 1950)
  • Look through books' bibliographies for mention of other useful sources

For more examples and search tips for finding books with primary sources see the Historical Primary Sources guide

2. Books Held in Other Libraries

Try Keyword Searches in other libraries' catalogues:

  • Trove - Books (Advanced Search) - discover books held in different libraries across Australia. Includes the option to limit your search to freely available ebooks as well as to create your own list of selected libraries for searching (eg. those in your local area)

or search specific library catalogues individually, for example:

Also don't forget to take advantage of the Library's BONUS+ borrowing service!

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