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History of Australian Education, Health & Welfare: Journal Articles

Important Search Tips for Trove

Use Trove Advanced Search to combine more than one keyword or phrase or limit to specific year range. When viewing results use the Decade facet to further narrow by publication date/year (eg. 1950-1959)

What search terms are you using?

If you're having trouble finding articles on your topic - think about what words you're using in your search.

Use the Search Strategy Keywords worksheet [.pdf]

1. Journal Articles - Where to try first

Try these Australian databases first:

2. Journal Articles - Subject specific databases

These other Australian databases cover more specific subject areas or types of content:

3. Journal Articles - Databases with International Coverage

These international databases are useful for articles about overseas countries AND ALSO include some Australian coverage:

Tip: Just remember to add the limiting word 'australia' or "new south wales"  etc. to your search if needed!

4. I found a great reference but it's not fulltext - what do I do?

Some databases don't provide the fulltext of an item, only the citation and an abstract (summary) of its contents. This is especially common with older references. Check what type of publication it is (this should be mentioned in the database record) then:

If it's a journal/magazine/newspaper article:

Use the Title search in the Library's A-Z Journal List directory to look up the name of the journal the article is published in. eg. Australian Historical Studies. This will show if the Library holds that journal for the relevant year either fulltext in another database or in print (hard copy) in the Journals Collection (Level 2).


If it's a book chapter or conference paper:

Use the Title search in the Library Classic Catalogue or if that fails try the Keywords search option to look up the name of the book/conference the chapter/paper is published in. This will show if the Library holds it in hard copy.


If it's not held at UOW - don't forget to take advantage of the Library's ArticleReach service to see if you can request a copy of the article/chapter be emailed to you from another library!

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