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History of Australian Education, Health & Welfare: Govt Info

1. Government Reports - By Topic

Don't have the name of a specific report? Looking for any reports published on a particular topic/issue?

The following books list details of many government reports according to their subject matter (eg. immunisation, special education):

  • Education in New South Wales: a guide to State & Commonwealth sources 1788-1992 call no. - ARC 370.9944/24
  • Australian Reports on Education (a bibliography to 1975) call no. - Archives C57

1a. Annual Reports of Government Departments and Agencies

Looking for annual reports of particular government departments or agencies involved in education, health or welfare matters?

1. Government Reports

Looking for a particular government report?

1. Search Trove

Try Trove Advanced Search to see if you can find the report online. Type in some words from the title (eg. women and welfare)

2. Search the UOW Library Catalogue

Try a keyword search in the Classic Catalogue to check if the hardcopy report is held in the Library. Type in some words from the title (eg. women and welfare).

3. Look in UOW's Parliamentary Papers

Many government reports have also been released in 'parliamentary paper' versions. If you can't find it listed in the Catalogue, to check if a copy is included within the Library's holdings of the Australian or New South Wales Parliamentary Papers series see the search tips on the Indexes to Parliamentary Papers guide or ask for help.

2. Government Bills and Acts

Looking for the history of specific legislation?

If you have the name of a specific Act but are not sure when it was passed or if/when it may have been repealed (ie. superceded by another later act) useful places to check are:

If you can't find the Act online the UOW Library has extensive hardcopy holdings of government bills and acts.

Looking for an explanation of specific legislation?

First try checking for overviews in secondary sources such as journal articles. The Australian law database AGIS Plus Text is a useful starting point.

The purpose behind individual bills/acts are often summarised in the text of political debates and members' of Parliament 'second reading speeches' recorded in Commonwealth or State Government Debates for the relevant period (see box below).

Need more information about finding current legislation?

See the Resources for Law (Legislation) guide.

3. Government Debates and Announcements

Looking for a particular speech or debate in Parliament or a Government announcement or Media Release?

'Hansards' are the printed record (transcripts) of what was discussed in Parliament. The Library has extensive holdings of Australian and New South Wales parliamentary debates, as well as a range of hardcopy older Government Gazettes and Media Releases for Government announcements.

See the Government Debates, Speeches & Announcements guide.

4. Be Aware of Departmental Name Changes

Many government departments have changed their names over the years.

Past names of government departments in NSW - State Library NSW research guide

Useful Starting Points for Browsing

Commonwealth Government Information - links to a range of federal resources

NSW Government Information - links to a range of state resources

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