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Illawarra History - including Mt Kembla Disaster: Illawarra History

1. Local History Websites, Books & Journals


Illawarra entries can also be found in:



2. To Find Other Books

Try Subject Keyword searches in UOW Library's Classic Catalogue such as:

Still can't find much?

3. To Find Recent Newspaper Articles

Try these newspaper databases for recent articles from the Illawarra Mercury and Sydney Morning Herald etc:

4. To Find Older Newspaper Articles

Try these databases. Some older newspapers are available online but not all! So if you can't find what you need try our other search tips in the Historical Newspapers guide.

5. To Find Journal Articles

Try these Australian databases first to search for academic articles written about the Illawarra:

6. To Find Biographical Information

Finding historical biographical information about specific people can often be difficult.

Are they prominent individuals in Illawarra's history?

If they are significant or well known (eg. local politicians, prominent land-owners) try:


Local Births, Deaths & Marriages records can be very helpful:

Other websites with genealogical information relating to the Illawarra:

Contact local libraries history collections to ask what types of hardcopy and unpublished genealogical related records they hold:

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