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University of Wollongong Australia

UOW History, Facts & Figures: Statistics

What's on this page?

Finding UOW related statistics:

1. Statistics - on the web

2. Statistics - within the Library

Statistics Search Tips

Search Tips

Searching for books or reports with comparative data on Wollongong and other universities?

Try searching the Library's Classic Catalogue for terms such as:

Keyword search> higher education and australia and statistics

Keyword search> universities and australia and statistics

Keyword search> graduate* and employment and australia

Statistics Search Tip

Searching for newspaper or journal articles which mention statistics?

The word 'statistics' may not always be mentioned in the article text. Try searching for these related terms as well (statistic* or data or number* or figure* or trend*)

A search tip before you begin!

Before you begin your search for statistics consider:

Are statistics likely to be collected on your topic and at the level of detail you need?
If so ...

  • Who might collect this type of data?
  • Where might this data be available?
  • What headings might this data be listed under (e.g. statistics on international students might be listed under overseas enrolments)

1. Statistics - On the Web

UOW data:

Recent and older UOW data from the Department of Higher Education:

  • Higher Education Data Cube (uCube) table builder for 2001+ (to access use the link in the right hand menu on the Department of Higher Education Publications webpage) 
    Tip: The default is Citizenship Category - so first drag this variable out of the 'Rows' axis at the bottom of the screen. Now choose a category from the Selected Cube dropdown menu at the left of the screen (eg. 'Completions'), drag the 'State - Institution' variable into the Column axis, open the submenu and unselect 'All Members' and then reselect 'University of Wollongong' to view just UOW data. Then choose your desired criteria from the list of other variables. For example drag both the 'Year' and 'Gender' variables into the Columns axis and then the 'Field of Education' variable into the Rows axis to create a table showing UOW male/female completions for different subject disciplines over the last decade.
  • Higher Education Statistics Publications for 2004+ 
    Tip! Look for the heading 'Full Year - Tables' - these will give you a larger range of tables than the 'First Half Year - Tables". Click on the .XLS file version option (rather than the .PDF file), open a relevant spreadsheet category (eg. 'All Students') and look through the list of available table headings for the phrase 'by higher education provider' - these will give you data for individual institutions ie. including UOW
  • Higher Education Statistics Publications for 1997-2003 are available from the archived version of the Department's old website available via the Internet Archive 
  • Higher Education Statistics Publications pre 1997 - use the hardcopy publications held within the Library (see note below)

Useful Data from Other Organisations:

Higher education sector wide statistics:

  • ABS website> Themes> Education & Training Statistics (note: the Australian Bureau of Statistics does not provide data at an individual institution level)

2. Statistics - Within the Library

In the Library:

In the Journal Collection (accessible on Level 2)

  • Good Universities Guide (current year only) held at S 378.94/103
  • Selected Higher Education Statistics (hard copy versions of the publications on the Department of Education website, including older volumes not available online):

- Student Statistics (1995+) held at S 378.94/63

- Selected Higher Education Statistics (1987- 1994) held at S 378.94/63

- Selected University Statistics (1974- 1986) held at S 378.94/41

- Staff Statistics (1995+) held at S 378.94/142

- Finance and Research Expenditure Statistics (1992+) held at S 378.94/129 and S 378.94/144

In the Archives Collection

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