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Literature Review: Who's publishing on my topic?

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Review articles, related searches and cited reference searches extend your database searching to give your literature review the research edge.

Related searches

In some databases you are able to link to similar or related records based on shared keywords or references. Examples of databases which include this feature are:

Web of Science

Records are ranked according to the number of references they share with the parent record.

From the article record, click view related records.


Similar records are based on keyword frequency and weightings from the selected article

From the results list, or the article record, click Related articles.


Similar records may be located on author, keywords or references.

From the article record, click Find related documents


Similar records are based on words found in the headline and lead paragraph.

From the article record, scroll to the end and click on More like this.

Extend your research

Web of Science

Web of Science is a multidisciplinary database that searches high impact journals.


  • Sort by Times Cited to reorder your results by the most cited article.
  • Analyze Results to explore review articles, authors publishing on your research and institutions who are publishing on your research.
  • Cited Reference Search to discover how a known idea or innovation has been confirmed, applied, improved, extended or corrected.


Scopus is the largest citation and abstract database of peer reviewed literature and includes Medline content.


  • Cited By to reorder your results by the most cited article.
  • Author hyperlinks to view articles by the author and references used in the articles.
  • More... Web and Patents tabs to extend your research.

Review articles

Review articles are a great place to start your literature review.

Review articles:

  • are written by experts in the field
  • provide a synthesis of the research literature
  • provide an overview of the research topic
  • detail developments in the research and identify future directions
  • highlight where the gaps in the research exist
  • identify the main authors in the field
  • include an extensive bibliography
  • are generally highly cited

How do I find Review articles?

Many databases provide a "Limit" function. Scan the search page for words such as "review", "review article" or "document type". Some databases allow you to limit before you begin your search, for example ScienceDirect. In other databases, search and then limit to review articles, for example Web of Science.

Annual Reviews is a database that includes reviews in the fields of Biomedical, Physical and Social Sciences.

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