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Brief guide for users of SEARCH (EDS)

What is SEARCH?

SEARCH is a discovery tool that provides fast, simple access to most of the library’s full-text content (online & print) from a single search box

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Content not discoverable in SEARCH?

The following content is not currently discoverable in SEARCH:


How can I search for an exact phrase only?

Enclose your phrase in double quotation marks. For example, type "economic development"

What is the truncation symbol in SEARCH?

Truncation is represented by an asterisk (*).  For example, type comput* to find the words computer or computing.

How do I find Academic or Peer Reviewed journals?

On the search results screen select Peer Reviewed and/or Academic Journals from the Refine Results list on the left hand side of your screen

How do I cite a book or journal article I find in SEARCH?

Click on the title in the results list.  Click on the Cite tool on the right hand side of your screen.  Select the relevant citation style from the list.

How can I search for a title?

Select Advanced Search and enter the title in the search box.  Select Title from the Select a Field drop down menu.

Why is my search not retrieving any results?

If you are searching for a specific resource check that you have entered the title correctly

Your search may be too complex - simplify your search by entering 2 or 3 important keywords in the search box

Check that limiters from previous searches have been cleared

Try removing any punctuation and/or symbols from the search

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