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University of Wollongong Australia

Finding Information: Finding books

The book I want is out

Place a hold on a book that is on loan or try BONUS Plus button

The number of holds you can place is dependent on your borrower category.


I need some books on my topic

There are two ways to search for books and ebooks in the Library:

Use Search to do a broad search using topic keywords to find out what the Library has on your topic. Your results will be ranked according to relevance and can be refined by source type (i.e. Books), or limiting by date, location etc.

Use Catalogue to search for a specific author, title or call number. Also, choose 'more options' for advanced keyword searching on your topic or to set limits.

I have the call number from the catalogue, what do I do now?

Call numbers organise the books by subject and will help you to find them on the shelves. Spaces and slashes (/) separate the different parts of the call number, e.g. 378.170281/22.

  • Write down all parts of the call number
  • Use the labels on the bookshelves to find 378.170281 (remember, 378.17 comes before it and 378.171 comes after)
  • Look at the sequence of books at 378.170281 to find 378.170281/22