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Art in the Library: Overview

A guide to the collected artworks found around the Library and the inspirational artists who created them.


The University of Wollongong's Art Collection began in 1985 and comprises over 3,500 individual works throughout the campus, many of these being displayed around the Library.

With the advent of our digital age, appreciating creative art is more important than ever. Art plays a central role in stimulating the mind which makes the Library's display of over 180 works perfect for inspiring students, staff and visitors.

The collection focuses on Australian artworks with notable artists including Bert Flugelman, Ian Gentle, and Guy Warren who was the University's Art Collection Director from 1992 to 2005.

Walk the Library's halls, stairwells and galleries to experience the stunning collection of paintings, prints and mixed media art.

Or explore the grounds and buildings of UOW's main campus to see even more artworks, including infamous sculptures like May Barrie's Viva Solaris 'totem' or Flugelman's Gateway to Mount Keira.

Art has the power to make us fascinated and curious, angry and delighted, and to make us think — all useful elements in a university environment.

– Guy Warren, UOW Art Collection Director 1992-2005 in A Place For Art


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Whispering Ant sculpture by Ian Gentle
Whispering Ant sculpture by Ian Gentle at the Library's entrance.

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