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Library browser add-on: What does it do and how do I use it?

What can it  do for me?

With our browser add-on you can:

  • Search a variety of scholarly resources via the contextual menu - just highlight one or more words and right-click!
  • Click on the UOW shield icons that appear on Google Scholar, Wikipedia, Amazon and Google Books and  other sites to see if you can access them from us.
  • Ensure your UOW status is recognised by subscribed resources - even when you are off-campus (may require a page reload.)

Using the contextual right-click menu

Library browser add-on contextual search exampleWhen you highlight one or more words on a webpage and right-click you can search:

If you highlight a link, you will also see the option to follow it via Off Campus Access - allowing you to access our subscribed resources just as if you were on campus.

Download the add-on

Mozilla Firefox
Note: Apple users may need to download the .xpi file and drag it into their plugins folder in Firefox

Google Chrome

The Library browser add-on was created using LibX - a browser plugin for direct library access.

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