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QR Codes: Home

What is a QR code?

What is a QR Code?

  • A QR (Quick Response) code is a barcode that holds information
  • It can be scanned by the camera in a mobile device, using a QR code reader
  • It can lead you to websites, contact details, videos, quizzes, PDFs, demonstrations, slides and more.

Getting started

  • Open the reader and hold your phone up to the QR code so that it is visible on your screen. Most apps will automatically scan it, or you may have to press a 'Scan' button.

Will scanning QR codes use my quota?

  • No - the QR codes in the Library will open Library websites, and these are quota free!

    Where can I find QR codes in the Library?

    • Group Study Rooms - Easily check when your desired group study room is free, and book a room for yourself using the QR codes located on the wall next to the Group Study Rooms on the Ground Level, and Level Two. Simply scan the QR code to take you to the Room Booking webpage, choose the room you want, and book in using your student number.

    You may also see QR codes at the ends of the Library shelves to give you quick access to Library guides relevant to that subject area.

    Tell us what you want - Is there a service in the Library that you would like to access via QR code? Let us know your thoughts!