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Statistics for Health: Finding statistics:

Points to consider...

? When searching for statistical information on a particular topic ask yourself:
Are statistics likely to have been collected on this topic? If the answer is YES then...

Which organisation(s) would collect/publish these types of statistics?
What keywords might be used to describe these statistics?
(e.g. An alternative keyword for causes of death is mortality)

In This Guide

Australian Statistics - Links to Government Departments, the ABS website, and the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare (AIHW) website

NSW / Illawarra Statistics - Library and Internet resources

International Statistics - International health organisations, and key international resources

Health Statistics NOW - Current news feeds from NSW Government, AIHW and WHO

Statistical Definitions - Common terms, online and print Library resources, eBooks

Referencing and Citing - What is referencing? Referencing styles, and how to cite Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) sources

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