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University of Wollongong Australia

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Support for you and your students

Course materials - as a Tutor you can organise student access to critical reading list materials by contacting these relevant Library services:

Borrowing Library resources

A range of services to assist you in accessing materials for teaching, learning and research.

More information:

Supporting Library classes

The lecturer for your subject(s) may have arranged for a Library class for students to develop research skills and support for their assessment outcomes.

We value your support and attendance at these Library classes to help provide input and field questions relating to subject content.

Students also value your support and attendance at these classes.

Supporting your research and professional development

The Library supports your research with the following services:

Finding Resources

The Library provides online help to assist you and your students to find resources. Tutorials, customised Faculty resource guides, general guides and videos are available to help you find resources for learning, teaching and research.

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