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Searching the UOW Archives: Searching the UOW Archives


Welcome to the Archives!

UOW entrance sign circa 1976

Depending on what you're looking for searching the Archives' collections involves more than one step. Here are our tips!

Just want our digitised materials?

1. Explore the Library's Digital Collections Portal

The Portal is a combined gateway for our digital collections (Archives Online and Research Online) and our Online Exhibitions. You can search the Portal for our descriptions of the digitised items we hold.

2. Search our individual discovery platforms

If you search each of our digital collection discovery platforms directly you can search not just our descriptions but also within the actual items (ie. the ocrd text within our pdfs).

Want our full range of collections?

1. Search the Archives entries in the Library's Search feature

Use this to find details of UOW publications (including theses), newspaper titles and local history books held in the Archives, as well as details of a growing range of our regional archival material.

2. Search the Archives' collection listings

In addition to brief title descriptions, you can view lists of contents (inventories) for many of our archival collections via the Archives website. Use these to find regional and other research material held in the Archives, as well as selected UOW historical records

[*To limit to the Archives website - add to doman and include the word 'archives' in your search]

3. Ask about our additional listings in the Archives Office

Some collections are not fully catalogued or do not have their inventories available online. Several subject based card catalogue indexes are also held in the Archives Office.

For more information about specific collections please check with the Archivist

    Other Sources of Search Help

    Guides to specific subjects

    Check the list of Archives Help guides. These are research guides on our most frequently asked topics (eg. the history of UOW). 

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