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University of Wollongong Australia

Beyond Orientation

How to print

How do I set up my print account?

  1. Use your student card to swipe at a pre-paid printer/copier
  2. Follow the printer prompts to set up a 4-8 digit PIN
  3. Remember your PIN forever
  4. Add credit to your card
  5. Print!

How do I print, copy and scan?

Video Transcript

You can use a Library computer or print from your personal device.

  1. Send your file to the printer
  2. Go to any Library printer and swipe your student card
  3. Select your file from the printer display screen
  4. Press print

Printing is available in black and white or colour, in both A4 or A3 page size. (Double-sided pages are the default.)

To copy or scan, swipe your card at the copier and follow its prompts.

Where can I print?

There are printers on all three levels of the Wollongong Campus Library but you can send a file to a printer from selected sites around your campus.

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