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Finding Information: Library browser extension

What can it do for me?

Our browser extension for Google Chrome will help you access certain online academic resources by directing the link back through our EZproxy authentication server.

Look out for our UOW shield icon  on sites like Google Scholar, Wikipedia, Amazon, Google Books. These link back to the resource via our authentication server. If we don't have access to the resource, you'll see suggestions for other places to look for it.

Using the right-click context menu

You can also search within a range of academic sources just by selecting the words on a webpage.

  1. Library browser add-on contextual search exampleSelect one or more words of text on the webpage e.g. Lawrence Hargrave Drive
  2. Right click and select LibX for Google Chrome (TM) from the menu
  3. Choose where you would like to search:

If you select a link, instead of just text, you will also see the option to follow it via Off Campus Access – this allows you to access our subscribed resources just as if you were on campus (via EZproxy).

Download the extension

Google Chrome

The Library browser extension was created using LibX - a browser plugin for direct library access.

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