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In these databases you'll find scholarly and peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, and curriculum resources relevant to your study of education, as well as resources to support you on professional placement. 

These databases will help you find material on:

  • foundations of human development
  • language and literacy
  • educational technologies and digital learning
  • Aboriginal education
  • inclusive education in the classroom
  • reflective practice and professional development
  • assessment and reporting.

Need help with Education-specific search terms?

If you're having difficulty developing a search strategy, consult the Australian Thesaurus of Education Descriptors (AETD). The ATED lists the terms used to describe research and practice in Australian Education.

Search for a term as you or your assignment would describe it to find broader or narrower terms. You can then try including these terms in your search strategy to see if you get better results.

Databases for Education

In these Education databases, you can enter your keywords without having to contextualise them within the field of education. You can always try multidisciplinary databases for more resources.

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