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Claim your publications

Claim your publications to ensure your Elements profile is a complete representation of your academic track record. When Elements finds a potential publication for you, it will be placed in the Pending list of your records, to await your approval.

Step 1. From the MY ACTIONS section on your home page, if you have unclaimed publications a CLAIM YOUR PUBLICATIONS action will appear here. Click the CLAIM NOW link.

Under the heading, MY ACTIONS, the Claim your publications option is shown with the Claim now link.

Step 2. You are directed to the PENDING list under MY PUBLICATIONS. Claim or reject individual publications using the CLAIM or REJECT buttons.

The claim/reject buttons are highlighted to the left of each item on the list.

Claimed publications will move to the CLAIMED list and rejected publications will move to the REJECTED list. You will see the number of publications in each list displayed in the menu bar. Once you have zero PENDING publications, the task will be removed from the MY ACTIONS section on your home page.

Screenshot of the Claimed, Pending and Rejected tabs. There are 0 Pending items.

NOTE: If you need to review the document before making a CLAIM/REJECT decision, you can view more information about that publication by clicking on the relevant tabs at the bottom of the record.

Under the publication record are buttons to more information: Summary, Metrics, Labels, Relationships, Scholars, History.

SUMMARY shows the basic bibliographic data. 
METRICS displays the Article and Journal metrics data.
LABELS present the ontologies associated with the publication such as Field of Research (FOR) codes, MeSH etc.
RELATIONSHIPS list all the UOW researchers who are linked to the publication.
SOURCES show a list of the data sources.
HISTORY is the log of all activities performed against the record in Elements.

Alternatively, you can click on the heading of the publication and a new page will display the full details. Once satisfied, you can return to the MY PUBLICATIONS page by clicking on RETURN TO THE PUBLICATIONS PAGE, then proceed to make your CLAIM/REJECT decision.

Screenshot showing full details of a publication record. Return to the publications page by clicking the link in the top left corner of the window.