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Edit a publication record

Publications that have been manually entered may be edited. If a publication has been imported from an online database (i.e. Scopus, PubMed or Web of Science), only limited information can be edited, i.e. Labels (Field of Research) and User Links. Wherever you see a pencil icon, you can click the icon to edit the record.

Step 1. Access your PUBLICATIONS page by either:

  • clicking the PUBLICATIONS tile at the bottom left of the home page, or 
  • through the menu hamburger at the top left corner of the home page. Click PUBLICATIONS under the MY WORK heading.

Screenshot of step 1.

Step 2. Go to the publication you need to edit and click on the publication title.

The My publications screen with the CLAIMED tab open.

Step 3. In each publication page there are multiple locations to edit the record, as indicated by the pencil icon. Make relevant changes to the publication details and save the changes at each stage.

Screen of a publication record with various sections of information. The pencil icon in each section offers edit options.

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