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Obtaining ISBNs & ISSNs: What they are & how to lodge them

What are ISBNs & ISSNs?

ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) and ISSNs (International Standard Serial Numbers) are unique bibliographic reference numbers used to identify individual books, journals, multimedia and other published materials.

For example:

Book - A History of Wollongong ISBN: 0864184468

Journal - Illawarra Unity ISSN: 1327-8126

Obtaining ISBNs for UOW publications

UOW Library is authorised to allocate ISBNs for any University of Wollongong monograph publications (books, working papers, conference proceedings in print or on CDROM / DVD etc.).

These ISBNs are purchased in blocks on behalf of the University. There is no cost to the individual requester.

To obtain an ISBN, email the the Scholarly Content team. In your email, please supply the following brief bibliographic citation details for the Library's records:

Series: (if applicable)
Publisher: University of Wollongong (specify department/unit where applicable)
Publication Year:
Format: book/ebook/video/CDROM/DVD (delete those not applicable)

An ISBN will be allocated to you by return email.

Allow at least five working days for your request to be processed.

For books the ISBN should appear on the reverse side of the title page and also on the bottom of the back cover.

The letters ISBN should always precede the number.

For disks and videos the ISBN should appear on the product itself, as well as on any packaging.

See the Thorpe-Bowker website for more information.

You are asked to lodge a copy of your publication with the University Library, so that it can be catalogued and placed in the Library's collection and listed in the National Bibliographic Database.

Let us know if you want your publication to be made freely available online. The relevant URL will be added into the catalogue to accompany the details of the print publication.

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Obtaining ISBNs for non-UOW publications

The Library is not authorised to allocate ISBNs for non University of Wollongong publications.

For these please contact:

ISBN Australia Agency
18 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Ph: 03 9245 7385

Obtaining ISSNs

The National Library of Australia is the only agency authorised to allocate ISSNs for journals, newsletters, annual reports etc.

The University Library cannot allocate ISSNs for University of Wollongong serial type publications.

For these please contact:

ISSN Australia Agency (National Library of Australia)
Canberra ACT 2600
Ph: 02 6262 1213

Fulfilling Legal Deposit requirements

In addition to the copy you lodge with the University Library, single copies of your publication should also be sent/offered to the four relevant legal deposit libraries, as indicated on the National Library of Australia 'Legal Deposit in Australia' web page:

  1. Legal Deposit Unit 
    National Library of Australia
    Canberra ACT 2600
    Ph: 02 6262 1312 
  2. Legal Deposit Collection Organisation
    State Library of New South Wales
    Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000
    Ph: 02 9273 1489
  3. Legal Deposit Officer
    NSW Parliamentary Library
    Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000
    Ph: 02 9230 2384
  4. Legal Deposit Officer
    University of Sydney Library
    Sydney NSW 2006
    Ph: 02 9351 7268

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