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Reference list information | APA 7

For full details about reference lists refer to chapter 9 of the APA 7th edition.


Begin the reference list on a new page

Use the heading ‘References’ in bold at the top of the page, centred

Order the references alphabetically

Double space the reference list, within and between reference list entries

Use a hanging indent for each entry

DOIs in the reference list can be provided as hyperlinks if asked for.  Otherwise provide them as text.

Either DOI's or URLs are used in the reference list for a reference list entry.  Both are not required.


Order of entries:

Order entries alphabetically by the first listed author’s name of each entry

Nothing precedes something, eg ‘Smith’ precedes ‘Smithson’

Authors with the same surname and given names appear in birth order, with the older appearing first and indicated with Sr. and the younger appearing next and indicated by Jr.

Single author entries by the same author appear in order of publication (earlier before later), with (n.d.) preceding any date and (in press) following dated publications (multiple author entries where all authors are the same are also listed as per the single author entries) eg  


Dearlove, J. (n.d.). Title of the article. Journal, vol(issue), p-p.

Dearlove, J. (2015). Title of the article. Journal, vol(issue), p-p.

Dearlove, J. (2019). Title of the article. Journal, vol(issue), p-p.

Dearlove, J. (in press). Title of the article. Journal, vol(issue), p-p.


Single author entries appear before multiple author entries eg ‘Smith’ is listed before ‘Smith & Brown”.

Use ‘Anonymous’ if indicated on the work in author position

If the work has no identified author, use the title in the author position (see example provided under the tab Books, No author)

For sources with more than 20 authors, list only the first 19, followed by ... and then final author eg 

Gibson, D. G., Glass, J. I., Lartigue, L., Noskov, V. N., Chuang, R., Algire, M. A., Benders, G. A., Montague, M. G., Ma, L., Moodie, M. M., Merryman, C., Vashee, S., Krishnakumar, R., Assad-Garcia, N., Andrews-Pfannkock, C., Denisova, E. A., Young, L., Qi, Z., Segall-Shapiro, T. H., … Venter, J. C. (2010). Creation of a bacterial cell controlled by a chemically synthesized genome. Science, 329(5987), 52-56.

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