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Subject Readings: guide for staff

Transition to next teaching period

If your list might be reused, do not delete it at the end of session. This will permanently remove it from the system. If you no longer want the list to show up in 'My Lists', remove yourself as a collaborator.

Roll over a list

What is a 'roll over'?

'Roll over' copies an existing subject reading list so you can use it again in your new Moodle site. This saves you time. After the roll over you can still edit and update your list to suit the upcoming session.

How roll over works

When you copy your previous Moodle site* to use for the upcoming session, your previous reading list (provided you already have one associated to that subject in the system), will automatically be included.

* If you were not the site coordinator of the previous Moodle site with the subject readings, you will need to request access from the previous site coordinator.

Manual roll over

Manual roll over can be used if the roll over didn't occur automatically, for example if you copied your Moodle site before 10 January 2023 before the automation was in place.

In most cases, you should only roll over a reading list to a Moodle site for the same subject. If you want to copy a reading list from a different subject you taught and use it as the basis for your current subject, please contact

Follow these steps to manually roll over a list for your new Moodle site. Do not roll over a list if it is still being used in an active Moodle site for these reasons.

For assistance with roll over please contact a Librarian:

Follow these steps to make a copy of an existing list for your new Moodle site:

  1. Go to your new Moodle site for the upcoming session and add the Subject Readings activity if it's not already there. If you copied a previous Moodle site, the Subject Readings activity may already be there.
  2. Click in to Subject Readings
  3. From the welcome screen, choose the Roll over option.
  4. A pop-up window will appear. From the drop-down list, select the Moodle site whose reading list you want to copy and use for your new Moodle site. In most cases, it will be the Moodle site from the last time the subject was taught. Check the subject code and year/session (e.g. S122 = Autumn Session 2022). What to do if you can't find the relevant site in the drop-down menu of Moodle sites.
  5. Select what aspects of the list you would like to copy or reset.
  6. Choose if you want existing permalinks to point to the new list once the list is published. We recommend selecting YES. This will mean that if you also rolled over the Moodle site, any links to the reading list embedded throughout the site will point to the rolled over list.
  7. Click 'ROLL OVER'
  8. Now you have made a copy of the previous list. You can edit, rearrange, add or delete items on your rolled over list to prepare it for the upcoming session. Your list should be associated to your new Moodle site for the upcoming session.

    You may notice the title of your list includes "(Rolled over)" at the end. You do not need to edit this - the Library will edit the list title when you submit the list.
  9. Finalise your list by submitting it to the Library and publishing.

Roll over FAQs