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Subject Readings: guide for staff

Embed / link in Moodle

Embed sections or items in your Moodle site's homepage

Integrate readings more seamlessly throughout your Moodle site. For example, you can link the Week 1 section of your reading list to the Week 1 section of your Moodle site. This can improve the flow of your Moodle site as readings are in the context of other relevant activities and information.

You can add the Subject Readings activity anywhere on your Moodle site homepage that you want to link to a reading list, section or item.

Link a reading list section or item to your Moodle site homepage:

  1. Add the Subject Readings activity to the desired section of your Moodle site.
  2. Give the activity a meaningful name, for example: 'Week 1 readings'.
  3. Click the activity to access the reading list.
  4. Go to the section or citation that you want to link to that point in your Moodle site.
  5. Click the ellipsis [...] at that section or citation and select 'Re-link from Moodle to here'.

In the ellipsis menu, 'Relink from Moodle to here' button is selected.

Now, rather than that Subject Readings activity linking to the whole list, it will take students to a specific section (e.g. Week 1 readings) or to an individual resource. Click the link on your Moodle site to check it goes to the desired location.

Here's an example of how it could look:

Screenshot showing the Subject Resources tool icon renamed to 'Week 1 readings'

Week 1 readings is highlighted under the week 1 section of the Moodle site.

Video: Embedding reading list sections and items throughout your Moodle site and Moodle Books

View transcript (with timestamps)

Using permalinks to embed sections or items

You can link directly to a section or citation by using its permalink. This is a useful option in situations where you can't add the Subject Readings activity, such as within Moodle Books or in an email.

To find the permalink of a section or item, click the ellipsis and select 'Create a shareable link'. Then click 'COPY TO CLIPBOARD'.

The ellipsis menu at the list level is open showing 'Create a shareable link' selected.

You can then hyperlink text in an email or Moodle Book so that it links directly to the section or item.

Example of linking to a specific resource within a Moodle Book:

Text in a Moodle book hyperlinked to a scanned book chapter.

Example of linking to an electronic article in a Moodle Book with a related multiple choice quiz beneath.

Article title in a Moodle book is hyperlinked to the article.