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Subject Readings: My Library - Readings

My Library

My Library delivers easy-to-access, contextualised Library content within Moodle to UOW staff and students.

Look for My Library on the top navigation bar in Moodle - its menu contains a link to relevant subject readings.

Finding subject readings in My Library is easy:

  1. Click My Library
  2. Click Readings - this will take you to a new tab/window
  3. Enter your subject code (e.g. ACCY101) in the search bar
  4. The readings for that subject will be listed for you to use

When you are in a Moodle subject site (e.g. ACCY101), the site does some of this work for you by automatically giving you a link to the readings for your subject. In a subject site:

  1. Click My Library
  2. Click the readings link for your subject (e.g. ACCY101 Readings)
  3. The readings for that subject will be listed for you to use

Note: Some subject sites do not have this ability due to the way Moodle is set up for that subject - if you do not see a subject specific link, follow the steps listed above to search for your subject code and then see the readings listed for that subject.

Contextualised searching

In many Moodle sites, you will be able to find Library content via the My Library search block.

When you are on the Moodle homepage, you see a search box that works in the same way as searching via the Library website.

When you are in a subject site, this block offers a search that is automatically limited to the discipline of the subject you are studying (i.e. PHIL106 students will search within the discipline philosophy).

You are now searching within a smaller and more relevant set of resources, improving the accuracy and quality of search results.

To do a broader search, select the search whole catalogue

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