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University of Wollongong Australia

Library support for researchers

Books and conferences

Choosing a book publisher

The book publisher you choose depends on the type of book you're publishing.

For example, research books must use a commercial publisher to be included in UOW's submissions to ERA. 

When choosing a book publisher: 

  • start by identifying a list of reputable publishers that publish books in your field
  • use WorldCat to see if recent publications for this publisher are held by libraries
  • consider university presses
  • consult with colleagues who have published scholarly books and book chapters
  • use the checklist at Think. Check. Submit. to examine whether a publisher is trusted.

Useful links:

Choosing a conference

Conferences present opportunities to:

  • publish
  • network with your peers
  • keep up-to-date with research in your field.

Considering presenting your research at a conference? 


  • if the conference papers will be peer reviewed
  • whether papers will be published in full or only the abstract
  • if past conference papers have been indexed in discipline-focused databases or citation databases. Filter search results
  • use the checklist at Think. Check. Attend. to examine whether a conference is trusted.

Useful links for finding and assessing conferences:

Many professional associations also include lists of conferences and events on their websites.