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How to get an ISBN or ISSN for your publication

What are ISBNs & ISSNs?

ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) and ISSNs (International Standard Serial Numbers) are unique bibliographic reference numbers used to identify individual books, journals, multimedia and other published materials.

For example:

Book – A History of Wollongong, ISBN: 0864184468

Journal – Illawarra Unity, ISSN: 1327-8126

How to get an ISBN for your UOW publication

Requesting an ISBN

UOW Library is authorised to allocate ISBNs for any University of Wollongong monograph publications (books, working papers, conference proceedings in print or on CDROM/DVD etc.).

These ISBNs are purchased in blocks on behalf of the University. There is no cost to the individual requester.

Request an ISBN

An ISBN will be sent to you by email in five working days.

For information regarding material eligible for an ISBN and how to display your ISBN refer to the International ISBN Agency Users' Manual and the Thorpe-Bowke website.

Lodging your publication

You are asked to lodge a copy of your e-publication with us, so that it can be added to the Library's collection and listed in the National Bibliographic Database.

Fulfilling legal deposit requirements

In addition to the e-copy you lodged with us, single copies of your publication should also be sent/offered to these relevant legal deposit libraries.

Get an ISBN for your non-UOW publication

The Library is not authorised to allocate ISBNs for non-University of Wollongong publications.

You can buy an ISBN for your non-UOW publication through the Australian ISBN Agency at Thorpe-Bowker Identifier Services.

(For a list of ISBN agencies outside Australia, see the International ISBN Agency site.)

Get an ISSN

The National Library of Australia is the only agency authorised to allocate ISSNs for journals, newsletters, annual reports etc.

We cannot allocate ISSNs for University of Wollongong serial type publications.

Contact the Australian ISSN Agency: