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Library support for researchers

Research engagement and impact

Research impact is the contribution that research makes to the economy, society and environment, beyond the contribution to academic research (EI 2018 Framework).

The ARC assessment of engagement and impact: 

  • examines how universities are translating their research into broader societal benefits
  • encourages greater collaboration between universities and research end-users.

For UOW staff, further information can be found on the Research Engagement and Impact Intranet pages.

Evidence of engagement and impact 

As part of your research, plan for evidence collection within your project. Consider where you will keep or store the evidence you collect.

Some examples of evidence that could be used to support claims of engagement and impact, as well as Non Traditional Research Outputs (NTROs), include:

Published or public evidence

•    Awards or prizes
•    Best seller listing
•    Conference proceedings
•    Evidence provision to Statutory Committee
•    Exhibitions
•    Exhibition catalogues or websites
•    Hansard proceedings or debates
•    Library holdings
•    Media and social media
•    Meeting agendas and minutes
•    Membership of Statutory Committee
•    Patents
•    Podcasts
•    Policy documents
•    Professional body recognition
•    Published reports
•    Reviews of works
•    Survey results
•    Translations

Short term public evidence

•    Artist-in-residence programs may indicate public and community engagement
•    Blogs
•    Conference proceedings
•    Exhibitions or events
•    Media
•    Promotional ephemera
•    Websites for exhibitions or events

May (or may not) be publicly available:

•    Conference proceedings
•    Inclusion in festivals or broader compilations
•    Research support for external bodies
•    View, stream or download statistics

Only available to you:

•    Commissions
•    Conference proceedings
•    Downloads
•    Event attendance books
•    Invitations to speak, perform or exhibit
•    Media and social media analytics
•    Personal correspondence.

Contact the Research & Engagement team to discuss the ways we can help you discover evidence to support the impact of, and engagement with, your research outside academia.

The following UOW resources may be useful for gathering evidence to support research impact claims: