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Government Information: Reports & Papers

What are parliamentary papers?

Parliamentary papers are government reports that have been tabled (presented) in Parliament for the information of members AND subsequently 'ordered to be printed'. Many published government reports are also published in 'parliamentary paper' versions.

Prior to the mid-1990s the majority of New South Wales reports are only available in hardcopy offline format.

If you cannot find a particular report either online or in hardcopy listed in the Library Catalogue under its individual title, check of a copy is included with the UOW Wollongong Campus Library's holdings of the relevant parliamentary papers (PP) series - Commonwealth (Australia) or State (NSW).

Please contact Library staff if you need help with locating these older Parliamentary papers online or in our Wollongong Campus hardcopy collection.

Reports and Papers

Useful starting points

Commonwealth Parliamentary Committee reports

Overseas reports

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