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Digital Capabilities Explained

Digital Capabilities Explained

There are six different primary areas of digital capability. Most people will be stronger in some capability areas than others, and you can expect to continue developing in all six areas throughout your life - as the digital and online worlds continue to evolve, the skills needed to thrive within those environments evolve with them.

  1. Digital communication, collaboration and participation
  2. Information, media and data literacy
  3. Digital learning and development
  4. Digital identity and wellbeing
  5. Digital creation, problem solving and innovation
  6. ICT proficiency

It is helpful to think about these capabilities in terms of the real life behaviours that are contained within them. For example:

  • If you're in a group chat with your classmates, interact with tutorial discussions in a Zoom session, and know how to get your point across when you are commenting in a class forum, you're displaying the capability of Communication, Collaboration and Participation.
  • If you organise your schedule and class notes using digital tools like Office 365 or calendar apps on your phone, know how to troubleshoot minor software issues, and feel confident trying out new digital apps that you haven't used before, you're displaying the capability of ICT Proficiency.

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  • Discover the skills and behaviours displayed by a person who is capable in that area
  • Access a range of UOW resources to help you develop your own skills


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