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Finding research data

Use these repositories to find research data.

Research Data Management

Research data management activities include how data is collected, organised, stored, backed-up, preserved, shared, archived and disposed, both throughout the project and after completion.

Good research data management practices enable data generated in research projects to be preserved and accessed for both current and future use.

See UOW research data storage and research data management pages to learn more about options for storing and managing your research data at UOW.

Research data training is available to all UOW HDR students and researchers through Moodle. It is recommended that HDR and Honours students, as well as researchers new to UOW, complete this training so that they are up to date with research data management at UOW. 

Why do I need a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP)?

Funders typically require RDMPs to be in place before projects commence. Successful applicants for ARC grants are required to prepare a data management plan before the project starts.

The UOW Research Data Management Policy recommends that an RDMP accompany every research project. 

Generally, the project leader is responsible for creating the plan and updating it to reflect any significant changes in the focus and findings of the research. An RDMP is a living document that reflects the current state of a research project.

ReDBox: data management planning tool

ReDBox (Research Data Box) is a tool to help UOW researchers manage their research data.

Use your UOW login details to access ReDBox and create your Research Data Management Plan.

Once your RDMP is created, you can request for your data to be stored in one of the recommended storage options aligned with UOW's Research Data Management Policy.

How does ReDBox benefit me?

Data management planning from the outset of a research project helps to formalise decisions relating to access, retention, storage and disposal of research data.

With ReDBox, you can record your project details in one place for your team to access and create an RDMP to use in ethics applications and for funder requirements, saving you time.

By using ReDBox to manage and request storage using the UOW recommended storage options, you are complying with the UOW Data Management Policy and Guidelines. ReDBox also provides one location for all researchers on a project to be able to access multiple data locations and links.

ReDBox reduces the red tape of research project administration, as it integrates with multiple UOW systems (i.e. RIS Grants, Service Now) to reduce data entry duplication and your RDMP can also be used as part of your Human Ethics application.

NOTE: if accessing ReDBox off-campus, you will need to be connected to UOW's remote network (VPN).

For further support, check out the ReDBox Getting Started Guide and FAQs or email

Introduction to ReDBox

Video transcript: Introduction to ReDBox

Log in to ReDBox

  1. Enter the Redbox URL in your web browser:
  2. Click on ‘Proceed to Dashboard’
  3. You will then be automatically logged in to Redbox. If not, you may be prompted to enter your UOW username and password.

NOTE: if accessing ReDBox off-campus, you will need to be connected to UOW's remote network (VPN).

Video transcript: Log in to ReDBox

Create a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP)

New projects

If you have a new research project, you will need to create a new RDMP.

To do this:

  1. Once in ReDBox, there will be 3 sections, click on ‘Create RDMP” within the first box titled ‘Research Data Management Plan’. This will bring up the RDMP form. On the left hand side you will see the different headings that make up an RDMP.
  2. You will need to complete at least all the mandatory fields before you can submit the RDMP.
  3. If you wish to complete part of the RDMP and come back later to finish it you can click on ‘Save and Exit’.
  4. Please note that in order for a copy of the RDMP to be sent to Records Management you will need to ‘Save and Submit’ the RDMP.

Completed projects

ReDBox will allow you to store your data for projects that have been completed.

The Completed Project form is a modified version of the Research Data Management Plan (RDMP). This form is to be used for any projects that have been completed and require storage for the data.

The Completed Project form will integrate with the RIS Grants System to bring across project information where possible and will also integrate with the Records Management System, EDRMS, to determine classifications codes and retention periods.

Video transcript: Create a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP)

How to request data storage for research data through ReDBox

To ensure your storage complied with the UOW Research Data Policy and Guidelines, you can request storage through Redbox for one of UOW’s recommended storage options for research data. Requesting storage for a project can be done through the Cloud Services and Storage section of the RDMP.

If you require additional storage to what you originally requested, you are able to request more. This can be done either through the Cloud Services and Storage tab in the RDMP or by using the Cloud Services and Storage section on the dashboard and searching for the appropriate project.

Video transcript: How to request data storage for research data through ReDBox

Research data storage options

Video transcript: Research data storage option

Download RDMP to support Ethics applications

If your research projects requires Human Ethics approval, once the RDMP has been submitted you can download and attach a PDF of the Ethics questions required for the application.

This can be done by selecting ‘View & Update RDMP’ under Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) on the ReDBox Dashboard, then select the appropriate RDMP and click on ‘Download PDF for Ethics Application’.

Video transcript: Downloand RDMP to support Ethics applications

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