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Read & Publish agreements

What are Read & Publish agreements?

A Read & Publish (R&P) agreement combines the journal subscription access (reading) and the Open Access article processing charges or APCs (publishing) into one agreement.

UOW Library has joined the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) consortium to participate in R&P agreements with selected publishers. These agreements allow UOW staff and students to both access the subscription content for research, and publish eligible articles Open Access in the included journals at no cost to the researcher.


How do the agreements factor into selecting a journal?

The Read & Publish agreements can be used as an additional tool for assessing journals that you have identified as relevant to your research area:

  1. Identify relevant journals in your research area
  2. Assess the quality of the identified journals
  3. Check Current R&P agreements for journal and article eligibility in the identified journals
  4. Select your preferred journal
  5. Submit your article, utilising an agreement if eligible


How do the agreements work?

When your article is accepted by an eligible journal, you will be given the option to publish your article Open Access without paying an APC.

Eligibility for publishing under one of UOW’s Read & Publish agreements is usually established when the corresponding author uses their UOW email and University of Wollongong institutional affiliation during the article submission process. 
Note: do not use a personal email address during the article submission process. Using a personal email address can affect your eligibility to publish under the agreements.

Exclusions, national publishing caps and additional charges apply under some of the agreements. 

For full details on eligibility and caps for specific agreements, or to confirm whether a journal you have selected is included in an agreement, refer to Current R&P agreements

What are capped agreements?

Some of the Read & Publish agreements include a defined number of articles that can be published Open Access without paying an APC under the agreement in each calendar year. These are called capped agreements. The number of articles included in capped agreements varies by publisher.

Article caps are not limited to UOW authors, they are applied across all participating institutions.

Once a cap has been reached, APCs will apply for articles accepted to those journals for the remainder of the calendar year. The capped agreements will reset on 1 January the following year.

When APCs are applied after the cap is reached, publishers may offer discounts for journals that are eligible under the agreement. For full details, status of caps and subsequent APC discounts, refer to the specific agreement in Current R&P agreements

If there are grant requirements or another reason why your article must be published Open Access, ensure you have a plan to fund an APC if needed.


What licensing options are available?

The Read & Publish agreements allow UOW authors to publish their work Open Access under a Creative Commons (CC) licence. The least restrictive licence is CC BY and most journals have options to select or request more restrictive licences, such as CC BY-NC or CC BY-NC-ND.

For more information on Creative Commons licences, refer to Creative Commons licences for journal articles.

For the CC licence options available under specific agreements, refer to Current R&P agreements.


What if the journal isn’t part of an agreement?

If you’re submitting your paper to a journal that isn’t part of an R&P agreement, you can:

  • Negotiate the rights to share the author-accepted manuscript to a repository, e.g. Research Online.
    This is called repository-based or green OA. Some publishers require an embargo period for repository-based OA, which may impact your ability to meet grant or funding requirements.
  • Pay the APC to make your work Open Access in a hybrid or fully open journal.
    If there are grant requirements or another reason why your article must be Open Access upon publication, ensure you have a plan to fund an APC if needed.


Library support

The Read & Publish agreements can be confusing. Contact the Research & Engagement team to discuss the agreements with a librarian.



  • APC: Article Processing Charge
  • CAUL: Council of Australian University Librarians
  • CC: Creative Commons
  • Green OA: repository-based OA, where the article is published behind a paywall in a subscription journal and the author accepted manuscript is shared in a repository
  • Gold: a fully OA journal that charges an APC to publish an article
  • Hybrid: a journal that charges an APC to publish an article OA in an otherwise subscription journal, i.e., a mix of OA and paywalled content
  • OA: Open Access
  • R&P: Read & Publish