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SAI Global

Accessing documents from the search results page

After searching, you'll see the following options on the search results screen.

View Online Select this option to view the standard online. Additional software is not required to view the standard in this way. To use this feature we recommend the latest browsers eg. Chrome, Edge, Firefox. Individual pages can be printed in this view.
Download Select this option to download the standard in PDF format. To download Standards you need to register for an individual SAI Global account using your UOW email address. You will also need to have the FileOpen plug-in installed on your device. More info
Request Unlock You will see this option when the standard is not immediately available to download. Staff should click on Request Unlock and complete and submit the request form. Library staff will respond to your request within 48 hours. HDR students will need to ask their supervisor to submit the form to unlock a standard on their behalf.
Buy This indicates that the document is not available via the Library's subscription service and will need to be purchased. Please email the Library with details of your request. HDR students will need to ask their supervisor to email the Library on their behalf.

Important information about SAI Global 

  • You need to register to use the view online option
  • To download documents you need to register and have the FileOpen plug-in installed on your device.
  • Downloaded PDFs expire after five days.
  • License is for two simultaneous users. (A message will appear in the top right hand corner of the screen if all licenses are in use. Try again later.)
  • Please select "Subscription Logout" after use to provide access for your peers.
  • Forgotten your SAI Global Account login details? Please contact SAI Global directly to re-set your account by phone call or email: Tel: 13 12 42; Email:

Finding Australian equivalents of International Standards

International standards are sometimes adopted by Standards Australia. This means that the Australian adoptions can be used instead of the international versions. Some of these Australian adoptions have been modified or altered to suit Australian conditions, but most are identical to the international version.  

Follow these steps to check if there is an Australian equivalent of an international standard:

  1. Select Search international equivalents from the top menu
  2. Enter the standard number in the document number search box
  3. Select either the AS Number or International Standard Number button
  4. Select "Search".

The search results screen will display any equivalent Australian standards and identify whether they are identical, equivalent, not equivalent or modified.