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Reimagined spaces at Wollongong Campus Library: project objective and infographic

This infographic outlines the elements of the project objective for the reimagined spaces at Wollongong Campus Library, with the overarching objective to create a student-centric design. 

UOW Vision taken from the McKinnon Walker Trust Report: “…to welcome a modernisation of education in the 21st century.”

Five elements of student-centric design

Flexibility and choice: 

  • allows users to reconfigure and tailor the space for different purposes at different times 

  • provides a variety of settings for different types of work. 

Sense of community: 

  • encourages spontaneous interaction, collaboration and sharing of ideas 

  • brings people together from different parts of the campus 

  • removes the barrier between students and staff. 

Wellbeing and safety: 

  • supports users’ needs beyond studying, such as relaxation and interaction 

  • is connected to natural light and the outdoors 

  • provides a safe and secure environment for users 24/7 

  • allows users to use the space comfortably in a long period of time through the provision of amenities, like kitchenette, and a place for having some downtime. 

Equity and inclusivity: 

  • allows everyone to ‘feel at home’ when they use the space 

  • ensures all users have equal access to the different types of spaces provided, amenities and access to natural light and view 

  • is designed to support the needs of minority groups. 

Accessibility and intuitiveness: 

  • encourages people to adjust their behaviour according to the purpose of the space through types of furniture, visual cues and spatial configuration 

  • is easy to navigate with movement between spaces occurring as seamlessly as possible. 

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