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Wollongong Campus Library: floor plan walk-through 


The main entrance of Wollongong Campus Library is on the north side of the building (next to Panizzi café). Through the first sliding door is the foyer and returns chute. Through the second sliding door is the Ground Floor and you will enter facing south.

There are three floors: Ground, First and Second.

There are four stairwells:

  • Stair East in the north east corner
  • Stair South in the south east corner
  • Stair West in the north west corner
  • Central Stairs in the middle of the floor

Stairwells are a no-phone zone.

The emergency exits are found at each corner stairwell (including an emergency only stairwell near the south west corner). 

Ground floor 

Moving through the entrance you will be facing south. Straight ahead is a Charge Bar, to your left is Stair East. To your right is the borrowing kioskService Desk, hold shelf, lift and defibrillator behind the Service Desk.

Moving straight ahead is flexible learning space. To the right is the Academic Skills Centre, central corridor containing the bathrooms and Central Stairs. Continuing straight, the Print/Copy Room is to your left in the south east corner of the floor (next to Stair South).

Moving clockwise, along the southern side of the floor are computers and study rooms. In the south west corner of the floor is the Leisure Reading Collection, Postgraduate Space and Access Room. Along the western side is the Law Collection, Archives Reading Room and quite study space, which also includes BYOD docking monitors. In the north west corner is the Student Lounge and Kitchen and Stair West.   

First floor (quiet study) 

Around the perimeter of the floor is quiet study space. Towards the middle of the floor are computers, including BYOD docking monitors. A Quiet Phone Booth is located in the middle of the floor near the Central Stair. Along the southern wall are all-gender, female and male bathrooms and a baby change room. Southern side is The Link which takes you through to building 17, it has a defibrillator, computers are also found along the western wall.

The amenities listed below can be found in various corners of this floor: 

  • Water coolers: near Stair South, Stair West, in the south west corner and in the middle of the floor 
  • Printers: near Stair East, Stair South and in the south west corner 
  • Bins: in each corner

If you enter the first floor from Stair East straight ahead is a Charge Bar, turn right is the main book collection begins starting at the smallest call number and increasing to the highest call number in a clockwise direction around the floor. Other collections on this floor are music scores, popular DVDs and large books

Second floor 

Near Stair East are printers and the microfilm. Along the eastern and northern sides of the floor are individual study desks. Also along the northern side are Computer Labs 1 and 2. Along the western side are computers and a Charge Bar near the staff reception entry. Along the southern side is the map collection, print journals and bathrooms. In the centre of the floor are study rooms and a water cooler.  Other collections on this floor are Curriculum Resource items, music and CDs.