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Future-Ready Library Strategy Review infographic
(text-only version)

Make it easy to find, use & create content

Improved access through:

  • better search engine
  • integrated collections
  • online-only core subject readings
  • reducing print collection by 30% to expand study spaces

Vibrant, relevant and discoverable collections

Collection Modernisation Project:

  • Low-use print items decommissioned or moved off-site
  • High-use print items easier to access
  • Improved search results
  • Transition to e-resources helped with online study during COVID

New SaaS Library Management Platform

  • ALMA: all-in-one library management 
  • PRIMO: next-gen search engine
  • Leganto: subject readings
  • Improved UX with relevant, refined search results
  • Improved efficiencies and workflows
  • Ebook acquisition process down from 7 mins to 1.5 mins per title

Brand new website

  • Web content audited – 60 pages to 30
  • Improved navigation 
  • Dynamic and mobile responsive
  • WCAG best practice

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Archives Online

Collection includes 12,800+ unique UOW archival items 
2.9 million+ page views in 2021

Image: Column graph showing Archives online views steadily increasing from over 1.5 million (2018) to 2.9 million (2020).

Digitisation of special collections including:

  • Barry Becarevic Collection
  • Janet Cosh Collection
  • Harrigan Collections
  • WIN TV
  • Ken McKinnon Collection
  • Flugelman Collection
  • Smoke Signal: Journal of the South Coast Conservation Society (1970-2004)
  • Theatre South Collection
  • The Bundanon Trust – Arthur Boyd Collection 
  • Selected Library exhibitions


  • Harrigan Family collection D70/03/009: Three people standing on boulders looking out from Mt Keira east to lighthouse.
  • Barry Becarevic collection D279/01/52: Several men and a horse standing at main entrance to mine pit.
  • Janet Cosh collection D302/002/014: Professional studio portrait of Janet Louise Cosh, aged 17 (1918).

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Optimise digital learning & service environments

We achieved:

  • digital-first design and delivery
  • core services anytime, anywhere
  • tiered service model for personal agency from self-help to specialists

Tier 0 innovations and enhancements

Chatbot prototype
  • a cross-unit, students-as-partners project
  • 77% accurate response rate using > 300 FAQs
Strengthened Ask Us knowledge base
  • 95% of queries matched with appropriate answers 
  • 33% improvement on 2018
  • Exceptional Tier 0 experience 24/7

Image: Column graph showing 95% of queries matched with appropriate answers 2019-2021.

Tier 1 and 2 innovations and enhancements

Live Chat
  • Proactive (pop-out) chat since 2020
  • 634% increase in chat compared to 2018
  • Operates 7 days (during Library hours)


Everyone who responds to Live Chat do a fantastic job - always prompt helpful and communicate effectively

Amazing this service is available over the weekend

Image: Column graph showing number of chats steadily increasing from approx 2500 (2019) to approx 12500 (2021).

Integrated Services
  • Tiered Services Model since 2020
  • Seamless online response and referrals to specialist librarians or Peer Academic Coaches

Image: Column graph showing consistent 90% satisfaction of tiered services from 2018 to 2021.

Library Customer Relationship Management Platform
  • Captures Library engagement with academic staff
  • Personalised service and resource optimisation
  • Better security, analytics and reporting
Virtual Service Point
  • Personal, real-time service during COVID
  • COVID safe; staff in any location help clients in the library
  • Sparked international interest with rapid MS Teams prototype
  • Live captions for accessibility

Image: Staff member sitting at computer speaking with student on screen via virtual services point.

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Personal agency at point-of-need

Digital literacies (students)

2019 JISC Student Digital Experience Insights Survey
  • Many respondents said digital skills important for studies and career
  • Over half of respondents said more needed to be done to equip them with digital skills
Student Digital Literacies Framework
  • UOW framework initiated in 2019 to outline key skills
  • Adopted JISC framework for digital literacies
  • Built Student Digital Skills Hub embedded in subject sites (since Feb 2022)

Digital literacies (staff)

  • JISC Digital Capabilities to extend to staff in 2022
  • Resources targeted to higher ed roles
  • Cross-unit collaboration

Digital Learning Objects (DLOs)

  • Interactive information literacy tutorials made with H5P 
  • Embedded in subject Moodle sites (including over 115 first-year sites)

Student feedback:

  • 95% agreed DLOs help them understand how to find information
  • 98% agreed they can apply skills in future
  • 97% would use similar tutorials in future

Digital Learning Co-Op

  • Collaboration with students, Peer Learning, Learning Development, UOW College
  • Offers study tips and academic resources 24/7, plus peer consultations

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Design and deliver inspiring learning spaces

Design principles:

  • Flexibility and choice
  • Sense of community
  • Wellbeing and safety
  • Equity and inclusivity
  • Accessibility and intuitiveness


  • $6M Investment
  • Refurbished to support student needs
  • Modern spaces for focused and informal learning, plus kitchenette
  • Collection showcased amongst learning spaces 
  • Design enabled physical distancing (Library stayed open during pandemic)
  • 1M+ visits per year (pre-pandemic) 
  • 40,000 visits 10pm - 8am (pre-pandemic)

Quote: I'm loving the new library space. Very open, lots of seating with charging ports! And the book collection is still quite impressive.


1. Two students sitting and studying in the Library with bookshelves, plants and Flugelman sculpture in the background.

2. Two students sitting and talking in the Library Lounge area with kitchenette in the background.

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Maximise research visibility

Managing UOW publications with Symplectic Elements

  • Co-sponsored by Library and Research Services Office
  • Reduced publication management costs
  • Timely, accurate and automated data improved research performance
  • Increase researcher satisfaction


I had a look at Elements and it is all very clear. I like the fact that it combines several metrics.

I just wanted to reiterate that I think Elements is fantastic... I think what you have created is just great.


  • Persistent digital identifier for academics
  • Ensures recognition for all research outputs
  • Reduces attribution errors
  • In 2021 85% of UOW academics had an ORCiD (compared to 10% in 2017)

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Jindaola Journey

Respect, responsibility and reciprocity are the foundations of the Jindaola Program.

Partnering with UOW colleagues and engaging in group experiences to embed Aboriginal knowledges into the curriculum and progress learning, teaching and research goals.

By understanding:

  • Aboriginal knowledges and perspectives
  • the importance of Country
  • the history and impact of colonisation

We are better able to:

  • embed Aboriginal perspectives into collections, discovery and access
  • authentically acknowledge Country in the physical and online space
  • recognise colonising discourse and practice
  • break the cycle of assumptions
  • adopt culturally safe practices

Recognised for Outstanding Best Practice at the Jindaola Best Practice Symposium in 2021.

Image: Illustration of a lizard by Jade Kennedy

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Our people

We emphasise:

  • staff digital dexterity
  • embracing digital applications
  • self-directed learning and communities of practice
  • a culture based on trust, transparency, and accountability

Future-Ready Capabilities Framework

  • Reflection and growth at all levels: seeding, growing, flourishing 
  • Outlines capabilities and attitudes of the knowledge worker of the future
  • Includes ‘Seed Bank’ of learning resources
  • Sparked interest from other ANZ academic libraries

Image: Library staff receiving VC Outstanding Service Award

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