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Subject Readings: guide for staff

Subject Readings: guide for staff

Subject Readings is UOW's reading list management tool that integrates with Moodle. You can use it to assign reading material and other resources to students in your subject.

How can this tool benefit me and my students?

Watch the overview video

Get started with these steps

There are three essential steps to prepare a reading list for your subject.

  1. Set up your list via Moodle
  2. Add, edit and tag items
  3. Finalise your list

The pages of this guide will take you through each step, or begin by using the QUICK START TUTORIAL below.


When Actions

Any time before session starts

Request your new Moodle site for the upcoming session.

Add the Subject Readings activity to Moodle.

Create a new list or roll over (reuse) a previous reading list.

Add, delete or edit resources and organise your list.

To communicate with the Library about particular items, use the Library Discussion panel.

At least 3 weeks before session starts Submit list to Library so we can review and process any items (e.g. digitise, purchase)

Start of session

Check the list is published so students can see completed items.

Let your students know they can find their readings by clicking the Subject Readings icon on the Moodle site. We have provided a slide below that you can include in your week 1 lecture slides.

During session

View usage analytics to see how your students are engaging with resources.

The new tool also offers you flexibility to add topical resources throughout session.

Slide to include in lecture presentations:

Benefits and features of the Subject Readings tool

The new tool allows you to:

  • organise, edit and update your own list
  • add notes to provide instructions for students
  • store potential readings in My Collection
  • embed resources throughout Moodle
  • see usage of resources
  • build lists with colleagues
  • communicate with the Library about items
  • enable student discussion about readings
  • maintain copyright compliance
  • transition lists to the next teaching period.

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Subject Readings interface at a glance

To enlarge: zoom in (Ctrl+) or click 'full screen' in the top right.