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Subject Readings: guide for staff

Teaching in Trimester 1 or Autumn Session 2022?
To avoid your students encountering issues accessing their readings by the start of session in 2022, we recommend you get started now with these steps:

1. Create or roll over your Moodle site for T1 or Autumn and add the Subject Readings activity.

2. If you plan to use any previous resources, request a migration of your previous list as soon as possible or by Friday 17 December 2021. Do not wait until January to request a migration as this service will be in high demand and you may not receive your migrated list in time to review and update it as needed.

Subject Readings: a new, Moodle-integrated tool

The Library has introduced a new Subject Readings tool. For subjects starting from Summer Session 2021/2022 and beyond, you can use the new tool that integrates with your subject's Moodle site. It provides greater functionality and flexibility, offering an improved user experience for staff and students.

The new tool allows you to:

  • organise, edit and update your own list
  • add notes to items to provide instructions and context for your students
  • embed weekly sections or individual citations throughout your Moodle site
  • evaluate resources through student usage analytics
  • collaboratively build lists with your teaching team
  • communicate with the Library about specific items
  • enable student discussion about readings
  • maintain copyright compliance
  • transition lists to the next teaching period.


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Subject Readings at a glance

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There are three essential steps to prepare a reading list for your subject.

  1. Set up your list via Moodle
  2. Add, edit and tag items
  3. Finalise your list

The pages of this guide will take you through each step, or begin by using this Quick Start Tutorial.

Flowchart of 3 step workflow


When Actions

Any time before session starts

Request your new Moodle site for the upcoming session.

Add the Subject Readings activity to Moodle.

Create a  new list or request a migration of previous readings.

Add, delete or edit resources and organise your list.

To communicate with the Library about particular items, use the Library Discussion panel.

At least 3 weeks before session starts Submit list to Library so we can review and process any items (e.g. digitise, purchase)

Start of session

Check the list is published so students can see completed items.

Let your students know they can find their readings by clicking the Subject Readings icon on the Moodle site. We have provided a slide below that you can include in your week 1 lecture slides.

During session

View student usage analytics to see how your students are engaging with resources.

The new tool also offers you flexibility to add topical resources throughout session.

Slide to include in lecture presentations:

A-Z databases |  Library SEARCH |  Learning Co-Op

Opening hours |  Printing, copying & scanning |  Services for students |  Subject readings

Borrowing information |  Borrowing from other libraries |  Frequently Asked Questions |  Give feedback