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Subject Readings: guide for staff

Finalise your list

Submit list to Library

This allows the Library to:

  • check if items need purchasing or processing
  • process digitisation requests such as scanning book chapters
  • check copyright compliance

At any stage, you can message Library staff about your list or specific citations via 'Library Discussion'

When to submit your list

  • Submit your list at least 3 weeks before the start of session.
  • Submit your list again any time you make changes or add resources, even after the list has been published (e.g. if you add a new reading in the middle of session). Submitting your list again will not unpublish it, it will just alert the Library that a new resource has been added so they can process it if needed.

Once the Library has finished reviewing and processing any requests, they will publish the list (if you haven't already) so it's visible to students.

Publish your list so it's visible to students

NOTE: Only 'Completed' items in a 'Published' list are visible to students.

A screenshot of a completed item on the reading list. The word 'Complete' is shown under the book title.    The 'Published' status is shown under the reading list title.

Check your list is published by the start of session so students can access items.

The Library will publish your list after they have processed it.
You can publish your list, immediately making any 'Completed' items visible to students. Any non-completed items (e.g. digitisation requests) are not visible to students and are sent to the Library for processing before becoming 'Complete'.

To publish your list, click the 'PUBLISH NOW' button:

'publish now' button

The status of your list will change to 'PUBLISHED'.

Items that don't need review or processing

Generally, these items will automatically be 'Complete' when added:

  • electronic articles, ebooks and resources from the Library's online collection
  • websites and online videos (e.g. YouTube)

How to check what your list looks like to students

How to unpublish your list

Communicate with library staff via 'Library Discussion' 

Use 'Library Discussion' to send and receive messages with Library staff.

To send a message about the list as a whole, use 'Library Discussion' in the right-hand panel.

To send a message about an individual citation:

  1. Click the title of a citation which opens the detailed record
  2. Click 'Library Discussion' in the right-hand panel
  3. Add your comment

Screenshot of Library Discussion panel with comment added: Is a later edition of this book available?

When the Library replies you will receive a notification. Click the bell icon and then click the title of an item. Click Library Discussion in the right hand panel to see the message.

You can also contact the Library about the processing of particular citations via email:

Understand the status of your list or citation

Draft: this is the default status of a list when you first create it. It means you are still working on it and haven't sent it to the Library yet.

Being Prepared: if a citation has the status 'Being Prepared', rather than 'Complete', it means some processing may be necessary such as digitisation or purchase.

Ready for Processing: you have sent the list, or any citation on the list, to the Library for processing (e.g. scanning a chapter from a print book).   

Being Processed: the Library has started working on the citations in the reading list.   

Complete: the Library has finished processing the reading list or citation (e.g. scanned book chapter). Online resources in the Library collection and websites have a status of 'Complete' as soon as you add them, the Library does not generally need to process these.

Published: if a list is published, any 'Completed' citations are visible to students.

Inactive: the reading list is no longer relevant.   

Declined: the Library was unable to fulfill the request. Declined citations aren't visible to students.