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UOW Scholars & Elements

Automatic claiming for Research outputs

Elements allows you to claim your research outputs automatically using identifiers such as Scopus, your name variations, your email addresses and/or matches in researcher identifier systems (e.g. ORCID).  

Once you add or verify your identifiers, Elements can auto claim your research outputs and add to your profile. Any publications that are claimed automatically appear in your Research outputs list in UOW Scholars. 

You only need to set up automatic claiming once. From then on, Elements will automatically claim your publications

Automatic claiming using external profiles

Set up automatic claiming using external profiles by following these steps: 

  1. Use the hamburger menu (displayed as ≡) to select Automatic claiming 
  2. Under Add external profiles, Elements may suggest author identifiers, including Dimensions Researcher ID, Scopus ID, ResearcherID (Web of Science), arXiv Author Identifier, account and SSRN Author ID. If correct, use these links to add these external profiles. Otherwise, use the links under Add external profiles
  3. For each platform, enter your identifier in the pop-up window and click SEARCH 
    Note: you may need to use Scopus to locate your Scopus ID
  4. A new pop-up window will list publications for that identifier within the database. Click the Next button if these are correct 
  5. Ensure the Auto claim associated items option is selected and Confirm 
  6. When you return to the Automatic claiming page, you should see your new identifier listed under External profiles.

Automatic claiming with ORCiD 

If you don't have an ORCID iD, see the ORCID guide first to set one up.

Set up automatic claiming with ORCiD by following these steps: 

  1. If you're already signed into ORCiD on your browser, sign out to enable the process to work properly
  2. Click the ORCiD hyperlink 
  3. Sign in to ORCiD in the new window 
  4. Authorise access between UOW Elements and ORCiD  
  5. Select your preferred permission level
    Note: you can change these permissions at any time.

ORCiD permission levels:

  • Option 1:  I permit Elements to read from and write publication data to my ORCiD account 
    This means your information will be synchronised between Elements and ORCiD. Choose which types of publications will be included by clicking the check boxes 
    Note: if your publications are already entered into either ORCiD or Elements, selecting this option may cause duplication of some records. 
  • Option 2: I permit Elements to read data from my ORCiD account 
    This allows Elements to use data from your ORCiD account to enhance the automatic searching that feeds publications into your Elements record. 
    Note: not everything in your ORCID account will automatically come into Elements. This option will not send Elements publications to ORCiD.  
  • Option 3: I permit Elements to only use my ORCiD ID to support automatic claiming 
    This allows Elements to search for publications that have your 16-digit ORCiD ID as part of author information.

Automatic claiming using email addresses

Elements will automatically include your UOW email address. To allow Elements to automatically claim research outputs that you have published under a previous email address, you can add additional email addresses. 

To add an email address, click the + Email address button. A new pop-up window will appear. Enter your email address and follow the prompts. When you return to the Automatic claiming page, you should see the additional email listed under Email addresses.

Changing your preferences

Once you have connected your external profiles, ORCiD and added your email addresses, you can make further changes from the Automatic claiming page.

Use the Manage button to the right of the identifier to adjust your preferences. Click Confirm to save any changes.

Set up name-based search

Use name-based search to help locate all your research outputs, particularly if you have published under variations of your name or through different institutions.  

Publications identified under other names or addresses will be added to your Pending publications list, they will not be automatically claimed. 

  1. Use the hamburger (displayed as ≡) menu to select Name-based search 
  2. Enter all name variants that you have published under, for example, using a different name or your initials.

You can also add the addresses of any other institutions where you have been affiliated. 

Name variations and addresses can be removed at any time with the red cross button.