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Set up automatic claiming using research identifiers

Elements allows you to "claim" your publications automatically using identifiers such as Scopus, your email addresses and/or matches in researcher identifier systems (e.g. ORCID). Once you add or verify your identifiers, Elements can auto claim your publications and add to your profile. Any publications that are claimed automatically appear in your publications list.

The steps to set up “auto-claiming” only need to be performed once. From then on, Elements will automatically claim your publications.

Step 1. Through the menu hamburger at the top left corner of the home page, Click AUTOMATIC CLAIMING under the SETTINGS heading.

Screenshot of step 1.

Step 2. On the AUTOMATIC CLAIMING page under ADD EXTERNAL PROFILES, Elements may suggest author identifiers, including ORCID, Dimensions Researcher ID, Scopus ID, ResearcherID, arXiv Author Identifier, account and SSRN Author ID. Use the hyperlinks to add identifiers that are used to identify you and your publications in external data sources.

The Automatic claiming window with the first tab, labelled 'Mine', open.

Step 3. By clicking on a hyperlink, a pop-up window will appear that will request your details for that identifier. The example below demonstrates the process for adding your Scopus ID. Enter your identifier number and click SEARCH.

Pop-up window to Add a new Scopus ID.

Step 4. A new pop-up window will appear titled IDENTIFIER PREFERENCES. Based on your identification number, it will list publications captured within that database. Click the NEXT button if these are correct.

Screenshot showing an identifier number entered and a list of associated publications. The Next button is at the bottom of the list.

Step 5. A new page will appear in the IDENTIFIER PREFERENCES pop-up window. Ensure the AUTO CLAIM ASSOCIATED ITEMS option is selected and click CONFIRM.

Screenshot showing the radio button selected for Auto claim associated items. Confirm button in bottom right corner of window.

Step 6. A new page will appear in the IDENTIFIER PREFERENCES pop-up window that confirms that your new identifier was added and that items associated with this identifier will now be automatically claimed for you. Click OK.

Screenshot of step 6.

You will return to the AUTOMATIC CLAIMING page and you should see your new identifier listed under EXTERNAL PROFILES.

Step 7. You can manage your automatic claiming for each identifier by clicking MANAGE and adjusting your preferences. Click CONFIRM to save your changes.

Step 8. Elements will automatically import the email address associated with UOW but you can add additional email addresses that you have published with previously. To add an email address, click the EMAIL ADDRESS link. A new pop-up window will appear. Enter your email address and click NEXT. The email should be listed under EMAIL ADDRESSES when you return to the AUTOMATIC CLAIMING page.

The add email addresses button is in the bottom left corner of the Automatic claiming screen.