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UOW Scholars & Elements

Edit your profile

The following sections allow you to describe yourself and your research and teaching. These editable sections can be found in Edit my profile on the Elements homepage:


The content you add to the top section in Elements, where your name and ORCiD appear, displays in the Sidebar in UOW Scholars.

In this section you can edit, or add, your photo and UOW phone number. 

Your Primary Group, Position and Department listed next to your photo is only visible in Elements and does not display in UOW Scholars. If this information is incorrect you will need to log a ticket with People & Culture to have it changed.  To update or edit your position title in UOW Scholars, refer to the Experience section below.


The content you add to About > Overview in Elements, displays in About > Bio in UOW Scholars. 

Create an overview of yourself as a researcher, to showcase your areas of expertise and special interest. The first few lines of your biography will be visible in UOW Scholars search results, so make this impactful and include your current research focus or areas you'd like to showcase.

Research Interests

The content you add to About > Research interests in Elements, displays in Funding in UOW Scholars.

Create an overview of you as a researcher, include your research interests and areas of expertise. Consider that this will be viewed by potential research students, collaborators, media, professional colleagues outside academia and the public.

Teaching Summary

The content you add to Homepage > Edit Profile > About > Teaching summary in Elements will display in Teaching interests in the Teaching & supervision section of UOW Scholars.

Create an overview of your teaching interests, course or program development and delivery, subjects taught, course coordination. 


The content you add to Labels in Elements, displays in About > Availability and About > Fields of Research (FOR) in UOW Scholars. 


The data for Availability for Masters and PhD supervision is sourced directly from the Student Management Package (SMP) and you cannot edit this. If you would like to update your availability for supervision, please contact the Graduate School of Research

Field of Research (FoR)

You can add the Field of Research (FoR) codes relevant to your research - Homepage > Edit Profile > Labels > Fields of Research > Add Labels.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

You can add the UN Sustainable Development Goals relevant to your research or teaching - Homepage > Edit Profile > Labels > UN Sustainable Development Goals > Add Labels.


The content you add to Experience in Elements, displays in the following fields in Scholars:

  • About > University of Wollongong appointments
  • About > Academic positions
  • About > Non-academic positions.

You can edit the details of your UOW appointments to accurately reflect your UOW appointments, including your current position. The information in this field has been populated from UOW systems and it can be added to, changed or deleted.


This information has been populated from UOW systems but can be added to, changed or deleted. You can add relevant Degrees, Certifications and Postgraduate training.

Language competencies

You can add language proficiencies, if applicable.


This information has been populated from UOW systems but can be added to, changed or deleted. You can add your UOW address, and relevant websites or social media usernames.

To include pronouns or pronunciation of your name in your UOW Scholars Bio, please add these as a mailing address.

Add pronouns to the organisation field in the Addresses section


Add YouTube videos that are relevant to you, or your research area, here. Video thumbnails will be included on your UOW Scholars profile:


Web Address and Social Media

This information may have been populated from UOW systems and can be added to, changed or deleted.

Links to your social media accounts display in the Sidebar in UOW Scholars. Thumbnails of YouTube videos display in About > Media in UOW Scholars.

If you have included a Twitter link on your profile, ensure it is the full form of your Twitter handle by clicking on your Profile tab. In the URL text box add a link to your Twitter as

Elements Homepage

On the Elements homepage you may notice a section titled My Actions, where there are recommended tasks to enhance your profile:

Screenshot of the Scholars homepage showing the My Actions section