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Edit your profile

This page explains how to:

Change your preferred name

You may wish to change your name within Elements. The name that is imported from the HR system can be updated to your preferred name. This will not affect name-based search settings and will only be displayed within Elements.

Step 1. Through the menu hamburger at the top left corner of the home page, Click SET PREFERRED NAME under the ABOUT ME heading.

Screenshot of step 1.

Step 2. Under the PREFERRED NAME heading, enter your preferred first name and surname in the text boxes provided. Click the UPDATE PREFERRED NAME button to save the changes.

The 'Update preferred name' button highlighted to the bottom right of the screen.

Add a profile photo 

You may like to add a photo and other information about you and your work to the MY PROFILE section of Elements. Your Elements profile can be viewed by other users at UOW, however it is not accessible outside the organisation. Your PUBLIC PROFILE will link to your UOW Scholars.

Under your profile photo and name you will usually see the name of your faculty. Elements only allows you to be allocated to a single school/faculty. By default, this will be your primary group according to your HR records. If you work across multiple schools and/or faculties, you will be assigned to the school/faculty that has the highest FTE proportion.

Step 1. From your Homepage you can edit your elements profile. Click EDIT MY PROFILE to go to you Elements Profile page.

Home page with Profile box in the top right. Edit your profile button is in the bottom right of the Profile box.

Step 2. Update your photo by clicking the MANAGE PHOTO button. This will allow you to upload and optimise your profile picture within Elements. Click SAVE to confirm your profile picture.

Manage profile photo pop-up box.

Update your Field of Research (FoR) codes

Fields that you can update are indicated by the Edit or Add buttons.

Please add your nominated 2020 Field of Research (FoR) codes to your Elements profile to help your Discipline Leaders as they work towards our next ERA submission. 

  1. From your Elements homepage, click on Edit My Profile.
  2. Scroll down to the About section
  3. Click on Add Label, beside Fields of Research (2020).
  4. Field of Research (FoR) classifications can be found here. 
  5. Once you’ve added the FoR codes, click Save Changes.

Add up to three FoR codes to help our UOW Discipline Leaders to assign FoR codes to all UOW publications for ERA reporting. Adding the FoR codes you identify most closely with, will help them make informed decisions for ERA. For more information on 2020 FoR codes go to this ABS site.

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Export your CV

To export your CV from Elements, click the CV AND REPORTS button at the top right. A pop-up window will appear where you can specify a date range or download a full academic CV populated with personal details from your profile. You may also select if you would like the export as a PDF or a word document. The date range filter may be useful if applying for a grant that only requires the last 5 years of publications and track record, for example.

Screenshot of step 2.