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University of Wollongong Australia


Set up name based search

Use Name-based search to find all the publications associated with you, particularly if you have published using a different name variation or through different institutes. You can refine these settings by adding Name variants or Addresses.

Step 1. Through the menu hamburger at the top left corner of the home page, Click NAME-BASED SEARCH under the SETTINGS heading.

Screenshot of step 1.

Step 2. Under NAME-BASED SEARCH TERMS, enter all name variants that you have published under. For example, if you published under another name or with your initials rather than your full name, enter them in the text field and click the green plus button to the right to add them. 

Under ADDRESSES, enter any previous institutions you were associated with and click the green plus button to the right to add them.

You can delete variations or addresses at any time by clicking the red cross to the right of the unwanted data.

Screenshot of step 2.