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Installing the AGLC3 style into EndNote

1. Download and install EndNote

EndNote is a reference management software package available for download for all students and staff enrolled at UOW.

Download and install EndNote then follow these steps to add the AGLC3 style.

2. Download and install the supporting files

To use the AGLC3 style with EndNote you'll need to download two extra files:

2.1 - Install the AGLC3 Referencing Style

  1. Download the AGLC3 reference style (uow223306.ens, 159 kB).
  2. Double-click uow223306.ens. It should open in EndNote, displaying the details of the style.
  3. Select File, then Save As.
  4. Rename the style under Style name: to AGLC3 and select Save.
  5. Close the style window.

2.2 - Install the Reference Type Table

  1. Right-click, then select Save Link As... to download the AGLC3 Reference Types Table (RefTypeTableAGLC3.xml, 54.4 kB).
  2. Save the file to a convenient location.
  3. Run EndNote and select Edit > Preferences > Reference Types (Mac: EndNote X9 > Preferences > Reference Types).
  4. Select Import... then navigate to, and select RefTypeTableAGLC3.xml.
  5. Select Open, then OK (Mac: Open, then Save).

The AGLC3 reference style has now been added to EndNote.

3. Setting up labels in AGLC3

Watch this video to learn how to set up labels for your references so your bibliography will automatically be divided into sections according to AGLC3.

Video Transcript

Key tips for using AGLC3 in EndNote

Video Transcript