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AGLC4 is a footnoting style (see Rule 1.1.1). Footnotes should be used to:

  • provide authority for a proposition
  • acknowledge a source that is relevant to an argument and indicate how it is relevant
  • provide information that enables retrieval of relevant sources and quotations
  • provide other information that it is not appropriate to include in the text.

Should I use AGLC3 or AGLC4?

Refer to your Subject Outline or lecturer to confirm which version you should use.

Changes in AGLC4

AGLC4 continues the original aim of providing clear, concise and comprehensive rules for citation. Two significant changes in General Rules concern the use of subsequent references (Rule 1.4.1) and the widening of the rule for sources referring to other sources (Rule 1.3).

Other changes and new rules apply to General Rules, Cases, Legislation, Journal Articles, Books, Secondary Sources and range of international materials (including treaties, UN Materials, international courts and tribunals, international economic materials, supranational materials and foreign domestic jurisdictions).

For full details see Summary of Changes in AGLC4.


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