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Journals | AGLC4

Journal Articles - print and online

Bibliography (Rule 1.3)

Author (inverted), 'Article Title' (Year) Volume(Issue) Journal Title Starting Page

Hathaway, Oona A, Sabrina McElroy and Sara Aronchick Solow, 'International Law at a Crossroads' (2012) 7(1) Yale Journal of International Affairs 54

Footnotes (Rules 5.1 - 5.11)

Author, 'Article Title' (Year) Volume(IssueJournal Title Starting Page, Pinpoint.

Gordon Goldberg and David G Post, 'Certain Contemporary Confusions Concerning Consideration, a Common Count and Conversion'  (2000) 8(2) Restitution Law Review 189.

Sir Zelman Cowen, 'The Press, the Courts and the Law' (1979) 12(1) Melbourne University Law Review 1, 1-9.

AP Simester, 'Accessory Liability and Common Unlawful Purposes' (2017) 133 (January) Law Quarterly Review 73, 75.

NOTE: No pinpoint is required if the reference is to an entire argument or proposition in the source


See Rules 5.1 - 5.11 in the Australian Guide to Legal Citation 4th Edition.

The details which must be included in the footnote are:
  • Author(s) name as it appears in the publication. 
  • If an article is available in both print and online formats, cite the print version. If citing the online version, the date of retrieval is not given (Rule 5.10).
  • Title of the article - Put in single quotation marks. Capitalise the first letter of each word in the title except articles ('the', 'a', 'an'), conjunctions (e.g. 'and', 'but', etc.) and prepositions (e.g. 'on', 'with', etc.).
  • Year - Put in round brackets.
  • Volume number, followed by the issue number in round brackets. Most journals are organised by volume number. Where this is not the case and the journal is organised by year, leave out the volume number and put the year in square brackets. See further AGLC Rule 5.4.
  • Title of the journal - Put in italics, in full (in contrast to the use of abbreviated title for law reports).
  • First page of article.
  • Pinpoint - Cite the particular page referred to.