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Legal Research

Finding unreported cases

Court decisions not published in the law reports are called "unreported judgments" or "unreported cases".


  • Unreported judgments can often be found in law databases or directly from the court's website. You may be able to purchase a pamphlet copy of a decision from Court Registries.
  • Some District Court (NSW) and Local Court judgments are available to the public.
  • In civil cases, the judgment is available only to the parties involved.

Databases for finding unreported cases

Medium neutral citation (MNC)

"Media neutral citation" or "medium neutral citation" is a citation that:

  • is assigned by the court in which the case is heard
  • focuses on the court rather than the medium of print or online format

Note: only use medium neutral citation for unreported judgments.

A list of Australian medium neutral identifiers is available in the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (Fourth edition): Appendix, Table A, pp. 316-318.

An example of medium neutral citation:

Example of a medium neutral citation: case name in italics, year in square brackets, court abbreviation and judgment number