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For Subject Coordinators, Tutors and other teaching academics

Streaming videos

Streaming videos allow students to view films, documentaries, TV shows, or educational videos online without having to download them. Students and staff can access materials from their own device, at any time and place they have an internet connection. 

Looking for a specific title

If you have a title in mind that you would like to use as course content, first check if the Library already has access by searching for it in the main Library SEARCH. In Library SEARCH, you can limit to Videos using the 'Source Type' option on the left side menu.

If we have the title available as a streaming video already, you can select 'Access Electronically' to be taken directly to the video. These videos can be added to your Subject Readings along with other course material.

Our Liaison Librarians can also work with you to help you find video material. Contact:

Finding streaming videos

When looking for video content to include in teaching, such as short educational videos, mainstream films and free-to-air programs, check the Library's range of streaming platforms listed below.