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University of Wollongong Australia


Set up automatic claiming with ORCiD 

Note: If you don't have an ORCID iD, see the ORCID guide first to set one up.

On the 'Automatic claiming' page under 'Add external profiles', click the ORCiD hyperlink.

By clicking on the ORCiD link, you will be taken to a new window so that you can sign in to ORCiD.

NOTE: if you are already signed into ORCiD, please sign out in order to activate this window and complete the process.

Once you have signed in to ORCiD, you will be asked to authorise access between UOW Elements and ORCiD.

Once you authorise access, you can choose which of these 3 permissions suit you best. Click the radio button to make your selection. You can change these permissions.

Option 1:  I permit Elements to read from and write publication data to my ORCiD account
This means your information will be synchronised between Elements and ORCiD. There are also options to manage what types of publications you would like synced to ORCiD. Choose which types of publications will be synced by clicking the check boxes to the left.

Please note: if your publications are already entered into either ORCiD or Elements, selecting option 1 may cause duplication of some records.

Option 2: I permit Elements to read data from my ORCiD account
This allows Elements to use some of the data from your ORCID account to enhance the automatic searching that feeds publications into your Elements record.

Please note: not everything in your ORCID account will automatically come in to Elements. Also this option will not send Elements publications to ORCiD. 

Option 3: I permit Elements to only use my ORCiD ID to support automatic claiming
This allows Elements to search for publications that have your 16-digit ORCiD ID as part of author information.


Changing your preferences

Once you have connected your ORCiD, you can make further changes from the 'Automatic claiming' page.
Click on the 'Manage' button to the right of ORCiD. You can choose to keep automatic claiming or change to auto-suggest (items will appear in 'Pending' for manual claiming) or remove the ORCiD account.