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Finding information

How to find information for your assessments, and how to get the most out of your sources once you've found them.


What you can learn from this page:

  • Find ebooks using SEARCH.
  • Learn how to use ebooks, including how to download a chapter from an ebook as a PDF.

Finding ebooks using SEARCH

  1. From the Library homepage, select ‘Sign in for complete results’ and sign in using your UOW username and password.
  2. Enter your keywords (e.g. romanticism). 
  3. Under 'Source Types' select 'Books/ebooks' (you may have to select Show More to see them).
  4. Under 'Availability', select 'Available Online'.
  5. Refine your results with other filters such as 'Publication Date' or 'Subject' if you need to.

Using ebooks

Sometimes there is a limit to the number of people who can read an ebook at one time: you may need to check the 'Availability' section and wait.

How much you can print or download from an ebook is usually limited and varies across publishers, but the limit for most publishers resets each day. If you have reached the maximum number of pages for one day, you can log in again the next day and download another chapter.

Log out of an ebook when you are finished using it to allow someone else to log in and read.

These tutorials will show you how to access, download, and print from ebooks. 

Using ProQuest ebooks

Using EBSCO ebooks

Popular ebook collections

These are some of our more popular ebook platforms but you can find ebooks in most online databases.