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Finding information

How to find information for your assessments, and how to get the most out of your sources once you've found them.

Google Scholar

What you can learn from this page:

  • How to use Google Scholar to find and access scholarly information held by the Library.
  • How to improve your everyday Google searching.

What is Google Scholar?

Google is great for finding information, although sometimes we end up getting more results than we need or the results are not scholarly.

Google Scholar searches for scholarly articles. If you set up Google Scholar with UOW as your institution, you can easily access our content with direct links to full-text (via Google).

Set up Google Scholar on your device

If you're outside our campus Library, you can set up Google Scholar to show access links to our content (just as if you were searching from our homepage).

You can bookmark and use the Google Scholar@UOW link, or set up Google Scholar using the steps below to recognise search results with full-text available at UOW.

To set up Google Scholar on your computer or device:

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Select the hamburger menu icon 
  3. Select Settings 
  4. Select Library Links
  5. Enter University of Wollongong
  6. Tick University of Wollongong - Full-Text UOW and select Save.

Finding information with Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a really useful tool when you know how to use it.

Google Scholar tutorials

Now that you know how to use Google Scholar, you might want to check out these tutorials on how to improve your everyday Google searching.